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Battle Fish

Battle Fish is a great 2 (or more) player capture the flag game using Battle Robots that are operated by fish. (Is there anything more fun than that?) Build your Robot Fish Army and protect your base at all costs. This game takes the idea that "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" to a whole new level. Win by capturing your opponent's base before they capture yours. 


Puppet Boss

Puppet Boss breaks away from the traditional pick a player and patiently wait your turn as you go around a circle from player to player... In this game you are fighting for control over all the players! And you are able to maintain that control by playing cards at any point during the game on anybody you feel like playing your cards on. Accomplish secret missions, and discover along the way who are your friends and who are your enemies. Win by maintaining control and accomplishing the most missions before it's too late. 

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FrogKnight Ribbit Royale

FrogKnight is an epic battle to the death game. Collect cards, battle your opponents, and move towards the center of the board as it closes in on you. Launch tadpoles at your enemies, fight off horrifying monsters, unleash the Kraken, and burn your enemies at the stake. Win by being the last one standing.  

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