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June-July 2021

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What is Battle Fish?

The way I see it, if I knew that one day I would either get sauteed in butter, rolled into a sushi roll, or fried up and served with a side of chips, I would want to do something about it too.

In Battle Fish you are in an epic battle for control over the seas. Build your army of fish-controlled battle robots, and protect your base at all costs.


Win by conquering your enemy before they conquer you!

BattleFish is a family friendly, strategic capture the flag card game. It is easy to learn, with simple rules, easy setup, quick playtime, replayability, and a difficulty level that varies with the group you are playing with (making it so that all ages can play.) All of that mixed with its fun artwork will be sure to make BattleFish a favorite that will hit your table again and again and again.

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Capture the flag like you have never experienced!


"BattleFish surprised us - in a really good way. What we expected to be a simple back and forth fighting game ended up having a surprising depth of strategy with plenty of twists."

-Daniel, Alison, Jarred, and Peyton from Kidsplaining

Board Dad

"A great game you can pull out and play with anyone; non-gamers, friends, family... younger children, and us older children!"


-Rolando Orozco from the Board Dad

Love 2 Hate

"A good game for the whole family!"

-Sam and Lance from Love 2 Hate

Pudgy Cat Games

"Move over Root, there is a new contender in town for the "most adorable wargame"... From the moment we saw the absolutely charming art of BattleFish we knew we wanted to play! BattleFish lived up t our hyped-up expectations. We loved how BattleFish managed to capture the feel of capture the flag in such a creative way."

-Jacqueline Atkins from Pudgy Cat Games

The Gaming Manual

"I thoroughly enjoyed BattleFish. I highly recommend playing in teams."

-Ryan from the Gaming Manual

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