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So imagine this...
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Be the First to Know When Puppet Boss goes live! 

The traditional pick your player and go around the circle waiting for your next turn no longer exists!


In this game, you control all of the players! And you don't have to wait for your turn or ask permission to play your cards! Play whenever you want, on whomever you want, however you want to do it!


Accomplish secret missions while trying to figure out who is your friend and who is your foe.


Struggle to maintain control over the other players and you just might make it out alive... 

Kickstarter Mama Vuju.png
Not to say it's just all unorganized chaos...

Learn more about how to play by checking out our Kickstarter preview page. Hit follow, and sign up for our email list to receive exclusive first come backer rewards!

Be the First to Know When Puppet Boss goes live! 



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